Geometrical representation of Pythagoras's theorem. On-line math tuition by John Friel, Ireland
Students must have a strong Internet connection and be able to download Skype. If the student has a strong preference for a different platform - Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, etc - I’m happy to accommodate, though Skype's what I usually suggest as it's the most widely used platform, and is familiar to most.

It allows users to call free of charge and makes it easy to share notes.

I’m happy to use features such as text chats and virtual/interactive whiteboards when appropriate though am also wary of technology for technology’s sake. The less links there are in the chain, the lesser the chance that a technological mishap will interrupt the lesson.

If the correct application of an equation, for example, can be communicated by writing it out on a (physical) flip-chart in plain view of the student or holding it up to the screen, it’s hard to beat this as a method of communication!

Also, pages of past exam questions and textbooks books can be scanned, and notes can be emailed before and after lessons. Files can be attached to emails and can downloaded for use as a study guide at a later time.

Students require some IT knowledge; this means it is not always suitable for younger children.

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